Cello Solo 

J. S. Bach Suites for violoncello solo BWV 1007-1012

L. Boccherini Sonata No. 15 in G major, G.15

P. Hindemith Sonata for solo cello Op. 25, No. 3

W. Lutoslawski Sacher Variations

D. Vulpiani Modulor

Cello and Orchestra

J. Haydn Concerto No. 1 in C major

               Concerto No. 2 in D major

R. Schumann Concerto in a minor, Op. 129

E. Lalo Concerto No. 1 in d minor

C. Saint-Saëns Concerto in a minor, Op. 33

A. Dvořák Concerto in b minor, Op. 104

E. Elgar Concerto in e minor, Op. 85

J. Ibert Concerto for Cello and wind orchestra

D. Shostakovich Concerto No. 1 in E-flat major

Cello and Piano

L. van Beethoven Sonata for violoncello and piano op. 5, n° 1

                                 Sonata for violoncello and piano op. 5, n° 2

                        7 variations on “Bei Männern, welche liebe                                      fühlen” for Cello and piano, WoO 46

N. Paganini “Moses Fantasy” variations on one string

C. M. von Weber Adagio and Rondo in F major

F. Schubert Arpeggione sonata in a minor D 821

C. Franck Sonata in A major

J. Brahms Sonata in e minor, Op. 38

C. Debussy Sonata for violoncello and piano in d minor

S. Rachmaninov Sonata for violoncello and piano, Op. 19

I. Stravinsky Italian suite

S. Prokofiev Sonata for violoncello and piano, Op. 119

L. M. Škerjanc Five lyrical melodies

D. Shostakovich Sonata for violoncello and piano, Op. 40

B. Britten Sonata in C major, Op. 65

A. Piazzolla Le Grand Tango

M. Krečič Sonata for Cello and Piano